FAQ Showers

What type of shower does Hamat manufacture?

a. By size: standard or by size.

b. By built: sliding or opening doors.

c. By type: round, corner, front or half bath.

What is the recommended shower size?

Standard corner shower are usually 80x80 cm or 90x90 cm.

If the customer decides to have a designed bathroom, the more available space there is the better shower experience may be tailored for the client.

Is it better to install a shower directly onto the floor? or should I use a shower basin?

You may install a shower in both ways.

Advantages for a Basin: smooth, designed and easy to clean and it comes in different shapes and sizes.

Advantages for floor installation: no limit in terms of size. You have to make sure to lie the tiles in an angle. 

How tall is a shower?

standard shower is 185 cm and up to 200 cm with profile hinges. With minimal hinges it can reach even higher. 

How long does is take to manufacture a custom Hamat shower?

Manufacturing and installing a custom made shower takes up to 14 business days after measuring in the installations location.

The measuring is done only after ceramic tiles installations and any other sanitary work or bathroom cabinets. 

What is the difference between a shower with profiles and a shower with minimal hinges?
Profile hinge: is assembled all along the glass and may be opened inward or outward. It may be supplied in shinny nickel or mat nickel.
Minimal hinge: is assembled between the glass and the wall, may be opened inward or outward and is made of stain less steel. It cannot be installed on plaster walls.
What type of glass exist?

4,6 or 8 cm thick

in different finishes and textures

What is reinforced glass?

Reinforced glass is glass that went through an heating process at high temperatures and later cooled down. The process reinforces the strength of the glass and in case of damage it breaks into small, sand like, pieces (which are less dangerous). Glass that has been reinforced may not be changed at a later stage.

How to keep my shower shinny and clean?

Make sure to whip down the shower after every use with a clean, soft, towel. Do not use any acid based washing metrials to clean the shower.

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