FAQ Sanitary

What does the standard guaranty?

Making sure the product is safe to use and functioning.

Which standards are relevant for toilets or sinks?

146, 239, 972, 851 ו-1385.

What type of standards exist?
Official standard- which every manufacture is required to meet.  
Unofficial standard- which is not required and products may be imported without inspection. 
What is an hydraulic toilet seat?
An hydraulic toilet seat matches the exact shape of the toilet and is usually sold with high-end toilets. 
The seat is similar to the known seat, but has two unique qualities:
- Combined with small pistons, the seat slowly return back to place (soft close).
- The seat can be disengaged from the toilet for better cleaning of the area.
What is a "Country Style Visible Front Sink"?

It is a single, big, rectangle sink (around 75 cm in length) that is installed by flat mount. Two unique features are that: the front of the sink remains a few inches over the kitchen cabinet, the glaze on the sink gives it a more natural look as opposed to stain less steel sinks or other plastic sinks. 

Does Chef kitchen sink match a 60 cm cabinet?

Yes, since without the edges the size is smaller then 60cm.

What short hanging toilet does Hamat manufacture?


Basic model "Lotem 48" and high-end model "Smart 48"

What short mono-block does Hamat manufacture?

Omega or Rotem mono-block 64cm long.

How to clean a sink/toilet?
Sprinkle bleach on the dirty area and let sit for around 10 minutes. 
Rub the area and rinse.
For very dirty areas: use 10% bleach and leave it for 10 minutes. Rub the are and rinse. 
Please use safety measures when using acid. 
How to clean a toilet seat?

Clean the seat only with a towel! in order to avoid any scratchs to the surface. 

You may use some soap and water.

What is a double water flush button?

A double water flush button allows you to save water by using different ammount:

Small button- 3 liters of water.

Big button- 6 liters of water. 

What is the length of a toilet?

A short toilet is about 48-52cm long.

A normal toilet is around 52-58cm long.

A big toilet is around 55cm long.


Toilet Design?

The cleaner the look of the toilet and the more the front of the toilet covers its bottom (the ceramic part of the toilet), the more prestige the design.

How to match a toilet seat to the toilet?

Matching the toilet and the toilet seat is a lot more crucial then most people assume.

Make sure you match the seat with the toilet so that the edges are a bit wider then the toilet.

Also, make sure that the hinges are made out of stain less steel.

What is the length of warranty for toilets and water tanks?
Three years of full warranty for a mono- block tank. Following three years, around 200 NIS to replace the all tank (parts and labor).
One year of full warranty for an hidden Hamat water tank (Neptune or Hawaii). Following one year, 200 NIS for labor and part without extra charge.
How high should the hinges for hanging toilets be hung?

In regular toilets 33-34cm

 For disabled toilets 40 cm

For children toilets  31 cm

Can you purchase a different lid for a clay toilet water tank?

You may not, for a two reasons:

- the tank and lid will not match,

- Harsa can not manufactor them sepreatly.

Can you manufacture costume size sinks?

No, since each sink uses a specific mold.

From what materials are clay sinks and toilets manufactured?
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