Leaks around the faucet

Strengthen the screw which connects the faucet. If the leak continues, replace the body.

Water leaking from spout when faucet is off

Change body of faucet

Low water pressure

Make sure that the water flow taps under the sink are open, clean the water softener. If it's a pull out faucet, remove the spray and reinsert it to its place.

What to do if my spout sprays water?

Clean or change the water softener, change the rubber seal.


Water leak under sink

Make sure there is no leak in the pipes connected to the faucet, if the leak is from the connection- gently strengthen the connection. If the leak is from one of the accessories- replace it. If the leak source is from above the sink, make sure that the rubber seal is in place and the bottom screw is tight.

Faucet handle is loose

Remove the blue/red mark and tighten the screw 

Low or irregular water supply

Change or clean the water aerator. If you are using a pull out faucet, take out the spray clean it and return it to its correct place.

Water leak between spray and pull out pipe

Strengthen the connection between the spray and the pipe. If the leak continues, replace the rubber seal.

The faucet is not stable

Reinforce the screw on the bottom of the faucet.

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