Cleaning instructions for sanitary products

The sanitary products, bath basins and kitchen sinks (ceramic), may be cleaned using specific products found in designated stores.


Cleaning instructions for sanitary products due to marks left by steel kitchenware

First, cover the area with bleach for 5-10 minutes and then rub the area with a towel.

If the stains are not removed, cover the area with vinegar with a concentration of 5%-10% for 5-10 minutes and then rub the area with a towel.

Make sure to use the vinegar in accordance with the instructions provided on the box- use gloves and avoiding contact with eyes. In any case, make sure that the vinegar is only in contact with the sink. Do not use steel brushes, which may scratch the surface of the ceramics.

The above-mentioned instructions, do not apply for the cleaning of toilet seats, and they should be cleaned according to the instructions provided with the seat.


Cleaning instructions for Hamat’s acrylic bathtubs

In order to maintain the cleanness and brightness of the product, it is recommended to clean it often using a damp towel and prevent the accumulation of limescale.

You may use cleaning products such as bleach.

Do not use products, which are acid based products when washing the bathtub.


Cleaning instructions for showers

The shower is made of glass and aluminum/copper accessories covered in nickel.

In order to maintain the design and brightness of the shower for a long period of time, it is suggested to follow the cleaning directions.

Please notice! The company does not maintain responsibility for any damages resulting from not following the cleaning directions.

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